Google Commercial - Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19)

Google has released a 60-second video to thank the entire healthcare community for sacrificing so much to save people’s lives as the world faces an unprecedented health crisis in the context of coronavirus pandemic.

The spot informs that, more than ever before, people are searching how to help. While onscreen lines show what Internet users have been searching for on Google (such as “how to help medical workers,” “flatten the curve,” “how can I help hospitals,” “where can I donate medical supplies,” “how to help nurses,” “how to help doctors,” “thank you healthcare workers”), medical staff are featured at work during these hard times. “Step by step, we’re gonna figure this out and we’re gonna find a way through this,” one doctor says in the opening of the video.

One of the scenes features a group of doctors urging people to stay at home by pointing out “We stay at work for you, you stay at home for us” and another one features Italians at their balconies clapping as a thank you to healthcare workers.

Eventually, footage of people, including a little boy, thanking at the camera doctors and nurses, is shown and the onscreen lines “To everyone sacrificing so much to save so many, thank you” appearing on screen.

“Help save lives by staying home” another onscreen line reads at the end of the video.


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