GoDaddy Re-Opening Commercial - Stax Records

GoDaddy shows its commitment to helping small businesses in a new commercial, which aims to highlight that GoDaddy will continue to be there for all of them, and “when you are ready to bring your idea to your main street, we will be there too”.

“As we re-open, don’t you want your pocket of America to still feel like its own? With places with the best barbecue. Or where you can dress like a rock star. Or the one with the biggest donut are finding new ways – online and in person – to be there for you. A small town feeling, where your friends, instead of that chain, still recommend their guy. So, when you bring your idea to everyone, remember, we are here to help you make it happen,” the voiceover says on the 30-second ad, which features a diverse cast of entrepreneurs and ends with the onscreen line “To help you we’re offering websites, marketing tools and guidance for free”.

In a previous ad, GoDaddy highlighted that many everyday entrepreneurs started businesses during hard times before and they will continue to do it because it’s not a matter of when, but a matter of who. Viewers are encouraged to check out COVID-19 resources for small businesses at


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