GMC Hummer LeBron James Commercial

GMC has enlisted LeBron James to star in a new ad for the first-ever GMC Hummer Electric Vehicle.

The basketball legend is featured in the 60-second spot and also serves as narrator, saying that “the real revolutionaries, the ones that change the game forever, understand the strength is never enough.” “Evolving, imagining, seeing the world not as it is, or how it could be, that’s how true greatness is realized, that is how you change the world,” he also declares, while viewers are given a glimpse at a pre-production model of the GMC Drummer, as the vehicle will be available fall 2021.

Onscreen lines reveal some of the most important features of the GMC Drummer, including open air infinity roof, the capacity to go from 0 to 60 km/h in 3 seconds, Adrenaline Mode, Crab Mode, Ultium battery, super fast charging, next gen Super Cruise driver assistance system, modular sky panels, and ultra-vision cameras.

The commercial informs that the Hummer will be revealed this fall and will also be available for reservation, with production beginning fall 2021, and ends with the onscreen lines “The world’s first supertruck is just the beginning”.

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