GEICO Sushi Boats Commercial

A group of friends are relaxing on their boat when all of a sudden they see an armada of sushi boats approaching them in the latest GEICO ad, which focuses on the boats insurance.

The spot opens with one of the men on the boat listing all the amazing things they get to enjoy, such as the great weather, great friends, and – valid for the boat owners – the savings due to switching their boat insurance to GEICO. When another one asks if it can get better than this, they see an armada of tiny sushi boats, including a boat with chopsticks, wassabi and soy, which turns out to be another awesome thing since the guy in charge with packing lunch had forgotten to do that.

“It only gets better when you switch and save with GEICO,” the voiceover says at the end of the commercial, which features Sara Fletcher, Genevieve Gearhart, Chad Reinhart, Jon Fairbairn, and Kris Flanagan.

Another similar ad for GEICO’s Boat insurance shows a girl catching a goldfish while enjoying a bright sunny day on a boat with her parents.

GEICO’s Boat insurance helps you enjoy peace of mind as you navigate your boat or personal watercraft (PWC). The company can help you get a free online boat insurance quote and allows you to customize your boat insurance to meet your needs with coverage for damage to your boat including hull, sails, machinery, and more, new boat replacement, and fuel spill liability.

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