GEICO Commercial - Rat Problem

The latest GEICO ad reminds people that bundling your home and car insurance is easy with GEICO and helps you save money.

The commercial opens with a married couple praising their new home, but admitting they do have a problem, too. “The new house is amazing. So much character. Original crown molding, walk-in closets,” the say before mentioning the problem they have, namely a “rat problem”. However, it turns out the issue comes from the “concerts” held by the heavy metal rock band Ratt, whose frontman is their neighbor. “At least GEICO makes bundling our home and car insurance easy. It does help us save,” the couple add, while juxtaposed footage features the musical group singing “Round and Round”.

The commercial, which features Scott Michael Morgan and Jennifer Bartels as husband and wife, as well as Stephan Percy, Juan Croucier, Peter Holmes, and Jordan Ziff as Ratt’s members, ends with the voiceover urging viewers to go to GEICO’s website for more info on bundling made easy.

The campaign also includes a spot featuring another couple who face a problem in their new apartment: a “clogging problem”. In the apartment above them lives a family of clog dancers who dance all day long, even when they are eating.

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