GEICO Commercial - Clog Dancers - Clogging Problem

GEICO highlights that bundling your renters and car insurance can help you save money in a new funny ad, featuring a couple who must deal with a “clogging problem” in their building.

The 30-second ad shows the couple talking about the new apartment they’re renting, saying they love it and listing some of the things they like about it, such as the amazing natural light and the hardwood floors. However, they also mention “there is a bit of a clogging problem” and, as the spot goes on, it turns out the neighbors living above – a large family – are all clog dancing very often, even while eating, brushing their teeth, and doing various household chores.

The couple see a silver lining in all this, mentioning that GEICO makes it easy to bundle their renters and car insurance, which helps them save even more.

The commercial ends with the voiceover urging viewers to visit the company’s website “for bundling made easy”.

Clog dancing is a form of step dance characterized by the wearing of inflexible, wooden soled clogs. The main focus of a step dancer is in the footwork, dancers can create many different types of sound using their feet alone. Clog dancers included Charlie Chaplin and Jack Wilson and Joe Keppel of Wilson, Keppel and Betty.

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