GEICO Commercial - Woman and Dog Wearing Fitness Tracker

GEICO promotes its “fast & convenient” Claims service in a hilarious new ad.

The spot, titled “Fitness Tracker,” features a woman sitting on a bench in the park and talking about how easy it is for her to file her claim with GEICO. “GEICO makes the claims process so easy I can file and manage my claim on the GEICO app. It’s not just easy, it’s giving your dog your fitness tracker easy,” says the woman, who it turns out is in the park with her dog, Chester. Moreover, it also turns out that the pet is wearing her fitness tracker and has 40,000 steps recorded on it. When two random people who are doing their run in the park stop near her to stretch a little bit, she brags in front of them that she has already done her 40,000 steps for the day and wants a hi five, but they ignore her. This doesn’t seem to upset her, though. With a large smile on her face, she shouts behind them “No pain, no gain,” while grabbing her pretzel.

The commercial ends with the voiceover saying ‘It’s GEICO easy with fast and convenient Claims service”.

GEICO provides, on its website, guides on what to do after various types of incidents including accident, glass damage, theft, fire damage, and catastrophe. For claims assistance, customers can also visit GEICO branches or call at 1-800-841-3000.

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