Facebook Live Advert / Commercial - Feat. Ken Jeong Playing the Guitar

Facebook advertises its Facebook Live feature in a new commercial, starring Ken Jeong.

The spot opens with the American actor/comedian opens grabbing his guitar (in the comfort of his own home, obviously, given the lockdown) and singing a song which says that “we’re not just staying home”, but we’re also learning how to bake, we’re listening to children stories, drawing dinosaurs, go into online music shows, and more.

In the meantime, the video goes on depicting a diverse cast of people, of different walks of life, doing all the things Jeong sings about, using Facebook Live.

In another recent video, launched ahead of Mother’s Day and set to an instrumental cover of “Love Is All You Need,” Facebook celebrates mothers from across the world and highlights the efforts they make during the lockdown. “It shouldn’t be possible. To work from home. And be the teacher. And make the playdates. And make the dinner. And do the yoga. And throw the parties. And read the stories. All in time for bedtime. But right now, somehow, you do it. Thank you.

Happy Mother’s Day” onscreen lines read throughout the 30-second spot.


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