E*TRADE Commercial Girl - Why Did She

E*TRADE advertises student loan provider Gradifi in a new commercial, encouraging employers to offer a job benefit that helps employees pay off their student loans.

The spot, titled “Why did she?” tells the story of a young woman who borrowed large sums of money to go to University (including $42,000 for tuition, $19,400 for roomboard, $11,000 for student fees, and $250 for graduation gown) in order to get a job at a corporation. “She did it to work for you,” the voiceover says referring to employers, who are told that they can now offer a job benefit that helps their employees pay off their student loans.

E*TRADE acquired Gradifi Inc., which offers financial wellness benefits focused on solutions for employers to provide their employees student loan and college savings benefits, for $30 million (Reuters reported on December 12, 2019). The E*TRADE Financial family of companies provides financial services, including trading, investing, banking and managing employee stock and financial wellness benefit plans.

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