E*TRADE Bears Commercial - Bear Market

E*TRADE continues to promote its investing, banking and guidance services in a new commercial.

The spot features several bears in a grocery store, with some of them stocking on honey, for which the bear cashier needs a price check, others buying salmon, which is wild caught, and more.

“If this is your definition of a bear market maybe trading’s not for you” an onscreen line reads at the end of the commercial, before the voiceover says the tagline “Don’t get mad. Get E*TRADE. And get more than just trading. Investing. Banking. Guidance”.

Another recent ad, which tackled the expression “Buying the Dips,” featured a public bidding sale where participants place bids on dips. According to Dave Manuel, if you “buy the dip”, this means that you are planning on using weakness in a stock (or any asset for that matter) to lower your average price in a position. You decide that you are going to “buy the dips” and purchase more Google shares every time that it drops a certain amount.

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