eToro Eric & Sloth Commercial

Cryptocurrency and stock trading platform eToro promotes its CopyTrader program in a new commercial, highlighting that this program enables anyone to trade like a top trader, even a sloth.

The spot shows a young man named Eric and a sloth, who use – according to the narrator – eToro to trade Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other cryptocurrencies. While Eric gets the latest cryptocurrency news and trends on his feed, and does research on crypto trading opportunities, sloth is feeding on an apple. When Eric follows and connects with other crypto traders on eToro, sloth is following his precious apple fallen to the floor. So why are they both such great traders? The answer is because sloth accidentally used eToro’s CopyTrader to automatically copy all of Eric’s trades, so whenever Eric makes a trade, so does sloth, the voiceover explains.

“Trade like an Eric or copy like a sloth,” the voiceover says at the end of the commercial.

Last year, eToro enlisted Alec Baldwin to star in a campaign that marked the launch of its U.S. copytrading. In one of the spots, which urges those who are too busy to trade on their own to discover Copy Trading, the popular actor demonstrates how to use the CopyTrader feature.

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