Ecolab Science Certified Commercial Girl

Ecolab promotes the the Ecolab Science Certified science-based program, available in the U.S, which helps deliver a high standard of cleanliness for public health, in a new commercial, featuring a restaurant that has earned this seal.

The spot opens with a little girl touching the Ecolab Science Certified seal, placed on a restaurant glass door, and with the voiceover declaring that, with this seal, the respective restaurant is committing to higher levels of cleanliness. The video then shows the restaurant guests, who are all little children. Among them is even a toddler who got her hands on the remote control and watches TV.

Toward the end of the commercial, the narrator explains that the expertise that helps keep hospitals clean is helping keep businesses clean too and urges viewers to look for the Ecolab Science Certified seal.

The Ecolab Science Certified program combines hospital grade disinfectants and other sanitizers, comprehensive public health and food safety training and procedures, and periodic auditing. Companies that meet program criteria and pass the independent audit performed by Ecolab earn the ability to display the Ecolab Science Certified seal.

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