eBay Up and Running Commercial

“There was a day a year ago, or 25, when you woke up and said ‘I’m up for this’. You went from having a boss to being one. You hung your sign. Opened your door. And strangers became regulars. Became friends. It wasn’t just a business. It was your life. And now, the door you fought so hard to open has been closed. But you’ve come too far to take your sign down now. Here’s to not letting this be it. Here’s to keeping your store open even if your doors are closed. Here’s to staying Up and Running,” the voiceover says in the 30-second spot, which features a diverse cast of business owners.

Onscreen lines inform, at the end of the video, that “Small businesses have always powered eBay” and direct viewers to the “Up and Running” section on eBay to find out how the company can help their own businesses.


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