eBay 94 Fateful Seconds Advert

eBay illustrates, in a humorous way, how life changes in a matter of seconds and how the selling platform can help you get rid of what you don’t need anymore and buy instead items that suit your current lifestyle.

The advert features the apartment of a young couple who became parents after spending 94 short seconds on a weekend, on the couch, and “had to sell past loves to fund their new love”. The two lovers have given up, apparently, to high heels and their motorcycle to purchase a stroller and various toys for their baby. Not long after that, tough, they spent “another 94 fateful seconds together,” and a new family member showed up, judging by the new stroller that replaced the previous one.

The spot ends with the voiceover suggesting that it’s time for the couple to buy a minivan and adding the tagline “Buy, sell, eBay”.

Another previous spot tackles the importance of managing our desire to buy stuff, even if they are for a huge passion, such as troll dolls, and highlights that, on eBay, we can buy and sell easily.


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