Eargo Condoms Commercial Girl

“With Eargo’s revolutionary hearing aids, you’ll hear every word – even ones you’ll wish you hadn’t,” that is the idea behind the latest Eargo ad.

The spot features a young woman who, shortly after arriving at her parents’ house, asks her boyfriend – in a whisper, so that her mom and dad couldn’t hear them – if he brought condoms. The latter seems to be hard of hearing because, despite her several attempts, he still doesn’t understand. Eventually, her father intervenes and makes clear what she was referring to. It turns out the old man wears Eargo, which helps him hear very well. This is the reason why, when his daughter and son in law enter their room, after dinner, he decides to take out his hearing aid.

The commercial was met with mixed reviews. Thus, while some consider it hilarious, others claim that it is inappropriate because they have to explain to their kids what the ad is about.

Eargo is the world’s best hearing aid that’s virtually-invisible, rechargeable, comfortable, and comes with a 2-year warranty and lifetime support from licensed hearing professionals. The brand says that its state-of-the-art hearing aids are packed with premium sound fidelity to increase the clarity of speech while reducing background noise. They are now available for purchase for $2,650 (with a $300 discount as an introductory offer).

Every system comes with two hearing aids, a charger, and – as mentioned above – a two-year warranty. There also is a mobile app that will help Eargo customers to find everything they need for a personalized hearing experience.

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