DriveTime Puppy Commercial

American used car retailer and finance company DriveTime highlights, in one of its commercials, that, at DriveTime, you can save $1000 on average on your down payment.

The spot features the DriveTime spokeswoman in green suit (actress Nicole Randall Johnson) informing that, at DriveTime, you could save $1000 on average on your down payment” and shows to a young woman a real down payment. “How real?” the latter asks. “As real as this puppy,” Johnson replies as an adorable curly-haired puppy appears in the woman’s hands.

The commercial ends with Johnson urging viewers to go to DriveTime’s website and get approved to see their real down payment in two minutes.

Headquartered in Tempe, Arizona, DriveTime is focused on selling previously owned vehicles to car-buyers and uses a proprietary credit scoring model to finance car purchases at its dealerships in-house, including subprime lending.
Nicole Randall Johnson was enlisted by DriveTime in 2013, along with comedienne/actress Katie Crown, for a “DriveTime Girls” ad campaign. The two played a comically eccentric duo of mobile credit approval agents “rescuing” potential car buyers rejected for financing by other auto dealers.

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