Dole Stuffed Bears Commercial

Dole Packaged Foods has released a thought-provoking commercial, highlighting that 1 in 4 children in America may go hungry this holiday season, and that you can help to feed children in need, too.

The spot, created by agency St Luke’s and directed by Amy Becker Burnett through Tag Collective Arts, features several stuffed teddy bears with food in their paws, sitting in front of the TV or in the car seat. A sandwich, a glass of milk, and an apple are only some of the items of food that the cute teddy bears get to enjoy. However, there is another one, noticeably slimmer, which sits alone and sad.

The ad also highlights that, together, we can this his startling statistic, and that, with the campaign’s support and Dole’s partnership with Feeding America, “When you buy, Dole gives”.

The food manufacturer’s “Unstuffed Bears” campaign, which aims to help raise awareness and funds to feed families in need, is set to run in online video, displays, and social media throughout the festive season.

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