Cushelle Ultra Quilted Advert - Kenny the Koala

Toilet paper brand Cushelle has released a new ad to promote the Ultra Quilted toilet paper, which won the title of Product of the Year in 2019.

The spot features koala Kenny, who has heard about Cushelle Ultra Quilted and is going to extra special lengths to get his paws on it. The cute bear, who went into the bathroom when everyone fell asleep, to enjoy the ultimate cushiony softness of the Ultra Quilted toilet paper, thinks it’s Cushelle’s best tissue yet.

The brand says that every 3-ply sheet of velvety soft Cushelle Ultra Quilted has plump air cushions for irresistible softness and comfort. It is available in 4 roll, 6 roll, 9 roll, 16 roll and 24 roll.

The Cushelle range also includes Cushelle Fresh Linen, Cushelle Original, Cushelle Double Rolls and Cushelle Double Rolls in Paper Packaging.

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