Cricket Wireless Mascot Barry & Brian Posehn Video Call Commercial

Cricket Wireless has a new deal and a new ad, titled “Fuzzy Wuzzy”. The protagonists are the company’s green mascot Barry and Brian Posehn, who are sharing impressions about their beards during a video call.

Barry also shares his satisfaction of having Cricket’s new “awesome” data plan, which allows him to check his progress. When Brian, who reveals that his long and fuzzy beard has been even longer and fuzzier, says he didn’t know Barry could grow hair, learns that it’s actually a filter.

At the end of the 15-second commercial, viewers are encouraged to get unlimited data for $60/month with 15GB of Mobile Hotspot included plus a free Nokia C2 TAVA when you switch. The phone offer ends September 17th, 2020. Requirements include bringing your number to Cricket on a $60/month voice plan, paying the first month service charge & due tax at sale, paying an activation fee in-store ($25/line), as well as additional one-time fees that may apply.

Over the last five years, the carrier has been promoting its deals in multiple ads featuring the cuddly characters. Besides Barry, there are also Dusty, the round-shaped yellow one, Ramon, the round-shaped one with brown hair, Chip, the square-shaped blue one, and Rose, the tall green one. They have all co-starred in the company’s 2018 holiday commercial, created by Argonaut, San Francisco, which highlighted that “The best holiday plans are the ones that bring us together”.

Over the years, Cricket has also featured a host of WWE Superstars, including Sasha Banks, Dolph Ziggler, and more, in multiple ads. Partnering with WWE Superstars for in-store events and live streams has proven to be a successful strategy for the wireless service provider, which reached, in 2017, 1 million followers on Facebook and its highest social share to date, in January 2018, thanks to Sasha Banks’ livestream.

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