ClearScore Dark Web Marketplace Advert Girl

ClearScore takes viewers on a trip through the Dark Web Marketplace in its latest advert, which promotes the company’s ClearScore Protect.

The spot follows a woman as she enters the Dark Web Marketplace, a literally dark place where fraudsters trade and sell personal information at market stalls. “The Dark Web Marketplace. It’s just like any other marketplace. Except here fraudsters trade and sell personal information. They can access passwords for email, social media and bank accounts. It could be yours on the market,” the voiceover says while on the screen the protagonist is shown finding her own personal data for sale at one of the market stalls.

At the end of the video, viewers are urged to download the free ClearScore app to help protect their identity.

“ClearScore Protect. Dark web monitoring, for free, forever,” the voiceover adds.

ClearScore says they have partnered with cyber security experts who search the dark web for stolen data and save it in a secure database. Every three months, they will scan this database for stolen passwords associated with your email address, and – if they find anything – you will be informed so you can change your passwords. You will also get personalised security tips to help you keep your online identity safer. All you need to do is to sign up to get your free credit report and quarterly dark web scan.

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