Burger King Couchpotatriot Commercial

Burger King released a new commercial to inform that they are offering free delivery on orders over $10 to help you stay home. The fast-food chain also highlights that it is donating Whopper sandwiches to nurses on the frontlines.

“The country needs you to stay on your couch and Burger King is here to help,” the voiceover says in the opening of the 15-second spot, which features a man sitting on his couch and using the BK app to order a Whopper.

The voiceover then continues by saying they are waving delivery fees on the brand’s app so you can be “a true couchpotatriot” and that they are also donating Whopper sandwiches to nurses and supporting the American Nurses Foundation.

Consumers can also show their support by texting THANKS to 20222 to make a $10 donation to the American Nurses Foundation.

Other fast-food restaurant chains also offer free delivery. KFC highlights, in its latest commercial, for the $20 Fill Up, that drive-thrus are open and that you can also get your order with free delivery by Grubhub (this is valid until April 26, if you place an order via grubhub.com, the Grubhub app, or order.kfc.com). Taco Bell has released a new commercial, too, informing consumers that its drive-thrus are open and ensuring them that the restaurant chain implements all the necessary measures for making sure all the food is prepared, handled and delivered in the right conditions.

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