Bud Light Seltzer Curly Haired Girl Commercial

“When you finally try Bud Light Seltzer, your taste buds will thank you. In their own special taste bud way” – this is the idea behind the latest commercial released by Bud Light to promote its Seltzer.

The spot features a young curly woman who’s drinking a Black Cherry-flavored Bud Light Seltzer by the pool and hears her taste buds (who are personified as men dressed in red shirts) calling for some more Bud Light Seltzer.

At the end of the commercial the Bud Light Seltzer range – which also includes Lemon Lime, Strawberry and Mango flavors – is showcased. With 5% alcohol, the Seltzer has only 100 calories per serving, according to the brand.

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