Best Buy Woman & Piggy Bank Commercial

Best Buy has released a new ad to inform that it has deals on tech every day, in-store and online.

The animated spot features a woman who says she has been saving up for a long time to get her girlfriend the right laptop and smashes her piggy bank with a hammer to let the coins out. She then asks Best Buy about deals. A sale representative tells her that, at Best Buy, they have sweet deals on tech every day. He then suggests a Chromebook, which is a great laptop, fast, easy to set up and has an even better Best Buy price.

The commercial ends with the tagline “Shop any way. Never overpay.” flashing across the screen.

Other ads in the retailer’s new campaign feature the founders of a streetwear brand who found in an Intel EVO laptop, which is “fast, smart, and doesn’t need all the snacks,” “a perfect third partner,” a young girl who finds all the right Christmas gifts for her family members at Best Buy (namely Powerbeats Pro headphones for her dad, Nintendo Switch for her mom, and Ninja Foodi Air Fryer for her brother), a father doing baby squats, who needs help, and more.


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