Best Buy Big LG OLED TV Hawaiian Hula Girl Commercial

Best Buy has released a new commercial, urging people to go big this year and bring everyone together with a big LG OLED TV.

The animated spot opens with a young man who sighs near the Christmas three, looking at a Hawaiian Hula Girl. “Dear Best Buy, no Hawaii holiday trip means I need a big gift to bring the family together. Yeah, I’m talking biiig island big,” he says. At this point, a Best Buy sales representative answers that nothing brings everyone together like a big LG OLED TV, mentioning that “every pixel is self-lit to give you color as brilliant as a Hawaiian sunset”.

The ad, which also informs that you can save up to $800 on select LG OLED TVs, ends with the Best Buy girl adding her honest opinion, that it might be even better. The retailer says it will provide fast and free local delivery of 51″+ TVs and standard shipping on all other sizes. Therefore, charges apply for delivery outside local delivery area.

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