Benjamin Moore Paints Commercial

Benjamin Moore celebrates, in its latest commercial, everyone who knows that love transforms, from the professional painters who are passionate about their craft, to the people who trust them with their homes.

“Love is an amazing thing. Now, that might sound trite or cliche, and maybe if it was coming from a chocolate company or a flower shop it would be. But we’re a paint company, so hear us out,” the voiceover says in the opening of the 60-second spot, which features professional painters at work, homeowners painting by themselves the walls of their home, and Benjamin Moore employees.

“Love is the power to change everything. A love of craft can turn work and labor into a work of art. Love can make you see past flaws to the beauty underneath. Love can turn a pair of hands into a set of tools. Love can turn pigment and polymers into a magical liquid. Love can turn a house into a home. Yep, love is an amazing thing. And whether you’re a painter, a homeowner or part of the Benjamin Moore family, love transforms,” the voiceover also says, adding, at the end of the film, the tagline “See the Love,” which also flashes across the screen.

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