BEHR Paint Commercial: Today Let's Paint

BEHR Paint encourages people to stop postponing their DYI projects and start painting. The brand advertises its BEHR MARQUEE Interior and BEHR ULTRA Exterior in a commercial that carries the tagline “Today Let’s Paint”.

The spot, based on the idea that, if walls could talk, would say ‘Help’,” features a diverse cast painting the walls of their homes, covering all kinds of images that came to life to shout for help. Thus, a couple are shown painting the walls of their new house and a woman is shown painting the walls of her dog’s fancy house, in the backyard.

Last year, the brand advertised its stain and scuff resistant, life-proof, BEHR Premium Plus Interior paints, in a series of new commercials that also highlighted their convenient price, which “doesn’t stink.” One of them, dubbed “Skunked,” featured a dog who, after being washed in the bathtub, gets out of the bathroom and shakes off, staining the walls. Other spots featured a boy who stains the walls of a room with the jam he had inside a sandwich, and a father who, after stepping on a toy forgotten on the stairs, spills his coffee on the wall.

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