Battersea TV Advert - Cat & Dog

Battersea continues its “Rescue is Our Favourite Breed” campaign, which aims to inspire people to adopt rescue dogs and cats, with a new installment, titled “Rescues To The Rescue”.

The spot is a 30-second montage of user-generated videos featuring various dogs and cats, as well as their owners, as they get to enjoy an amazing bond. “We rescued them, now they’re rescuing us. Show your support for rescue dogs and cats at” onscreen lines read throughout the ad.

The soundtrack is “I’ll Be Here” by Jess Glyne.

In a previous advert, set to the tune of “Howlin’ For You” by The Black Keys, the leading animal charity showcased some of the unique peculiarities of rescue dogs and cats. “I’m not a fashion statement,” “Not perfect, but worth it,” “They call it history, I call it character,” “Don’t forget, I’ve got 8 lives to live,” “You don’t have to be a Dane to be great,” “No pedigree,” “always original” are only some of the lines that flash across the screen throughout the 60-second spot.

Battersea, which highlights that “our preoccupation with breed is fuelling a ruthless pet trade based on looks alone,” encourages animal lovers to always think about the thousands of animals that are brought to rescue centres around the UK, when it comes to finding their new pet.

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