Barclaycard Sidekicks Nick Frost Advert

Barclaycard has launched a new ad campaign, called “Barclaycard Sidekicks”, which features actor, comedian and screenwriter Nick Frost.

In the TV spot, which aims to help customers get “credit confident,” Frost plays a variety of characters, including a sidekick for a superhero, a tech specialist and a man from the 1800s.

“As a sidekick to a hero, my role is to whelp wherever I can. So when Barclaycard launched a new program to help you use credit with confidence, I thought ‘This sounds like a job for a sidekick’,” Frost says on the 30-second spot, urging viewers to “see what helps to protect their online purchases, learn how to build their credit score and how to plan for the unexpected”.

The bank says that the Barclaycard Sidekicks will help you learn how to fight fraudsters and discover how you could be protected when shopping on the high street and online, solve the mystery surrounding your credit score and improve and maintain your rating, discover new ways to budget for the future, find out how a credit card could give you some flexibility to help plan for the unexpected, understand the credit card basics and see how you can stay on track with the help of some simple tools and tips, like alerts and the Barclaycard app.

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