AutoTrader Price Advisor Ancient Greece Donkeys / Mules Advert

UK’s biggest car buying website, AutoTrader, highlights, in one of its latest adverts, that car buying is finally easy.

The spot, which promotes Autotrader’s Kelley Blue Book Price Advisor, shows that you can feel confident in the price of your new car thanks to this feature. Set in Greece 873 BC, the video opens with one man in a donkey-worn wooden chariot being asked by a woman if he’s still driving the old model. The man answers that he’s been looking but he needs someone to tell him what a good price is. At this point, another Greek woman who’s sitting in a car advises him to use AutoTrader because it’s the only one with Kelly Blue Book and it tells you if the price is good.

At the end of the advert, the line “Finally, it’s easy” flashes across the screen.

A previous spot from the car buying website, which touted the feature that allows consumers to search for their next car (be it new or used) among the selection of 442.000 cars based on either the total price or the monthly price, aimed to highlight that, with AutoTrader, you can find the right car for what you want, be it “a new start”, a “newfound hobby”, “the away game”, “for more space” for dogs, “for the move out”, students, and “new surprises”, “for playing it cool for school”, or “for owning the midlife crisis.”

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