AIB Bank Advert Girl

AIB Bank promotes the AIB Online Account Opening on mobile app in a new advert, which aims to highlight how easy it is to open an account.

The spot features a young woman who has just got a job and is reminded by the recruiter, at the end of a phone conversation, to send her bank account details. Hearing these words, the girl, who doesn’t have a bank account, gets panicked and makes all kinds of bad scenarios, imagining that she’s going to lose the job and she won’t get out of her hometown, ending up to live off pocket money for the rest of her life. However, she soon realizes it’s not the case to make a drama out of it because she can open an account in the AIB app.

“Need a bank account? the voiceover asks at the end of the advert, urging viewers to create one in the AIB app.

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