Abbott Confirm Rx Dog CommercialAbbott advertises its Confirm Rx insertable cardiac monitor (ICM), which is a small, insertable device that continuously monitors your heart’s rhythm and gives your doctor the insights they need to create the right care plan for you, in a new commercial.

The spot features a man who finds, one day, after returning from work, a dog that his wife had brought home without telling him. Surprised to find himself with a pet, he soon learns how to take care of him and become best friends, sharing even the same bottle of water during a run outdoor.

“Don’t wait for new friends. Don’t wait for helping. Don’t wait for sharing. Don’t wait for life” onscreen lines read throughout the ad, which also declares that Confirm Rx is a heart monitor that lets your doctor watch over you just like you watch over your best friend and describes it as “another life-changing technology from Abbott so you don’t wait for life, you live it”.

The soundtrack music is a song that was created specifically for this commercial. There is no full version of the song and a recorded song as there is no full version of the song.

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