30 Seconds Shower Cleaner Commercial - Art Class

30 Seconds Shower Cleaner is promoted in a new commercial, highlighting that you can now have your shower cleaned in only 30 seconds.

The spot, titled “Art,” features a man named Barry in an art class, holding a painting in his hands, who’s asked to
describe exactly why the painting means so much to him. When he says needs 30 seconds, all the other persons in the room disappear and return after 30 seconds. It turns out they sprayed, in the meantime, their shower and now they are ready to listen Barry’s story.

30 Seconds Shower Cleaner is a heavy duty low pH cleaner containing lactic acid which cleans and sanitizes, removes soap scum, oil fats and grime, and inhibits the growth of mold. All you need to do is to simply spray the shower with 30 Seconds Shower Cleaner, leave it to clean by itself and then rinse off.

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