Yorkshire Tea Sean Bean Advert

Yorkshire Tea has enlisted Sean Bean to star in the brand’s latest ad campaign, that carries the tagline “Where Everything’s Done Proper”.

The legendary Sheffield actor features in an advert set at Taylor’s Harrogate headquarters, where an induction session is taking place for starters. Bean enters the room and, pointing a presentation stick like a sword, holds an empowering speech in front of his audience. “Brothers, sisters, today a great legacy rests upon your shoulders. Because here, we make more than just tea. We make proper brews. Brews that bring a tear to your eye and warmth to your soul. So go out there and do it for each other. Do it for yourself, but most of all, do it for Yorkshire!” he says to the staff, informing them immediately, after taking a sip of his brew, that the fire drill is Thursday at 3.

The brand has also tapped, for a second advert, world-renowned magic act Dynamo. He is featured in the Yorkshire Tea warehouse levitating through the air and passing teabags to his colleague on the floor.

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