Xfinity Turtles Commercial

Xfinity has released a new commercial, promoting the Xfinity My Account app, which helps customers schedule a callback or reschedule an appointment, even on nights and weekends.

The 30-second ad features Bill and Karolyn Slowsky, a couple of turtles that praise all manners of slow communication. They say they like drip coffee, lay overs and waiting on hold and what they don’t like instead is “relying on fancy technology for help,” nodding to their son, Bill Junior, who’s an Xfinity customer and a fan of the Xfinity My Account app. As they share their preferences, a snail working as a mailman arrives, bringing the couple a letter. Opening the envelope, Mrs. Slowsky informs everyone they have been invited to a Y2K Party, which makes Bill Junior ask “Didn’t that happen twenty years ago?”. Mr. Slowsky can’t help but use his sarcasm: “Look, Karolyn, we’ve got a mathematician on our hands”.

The commercial ends with the voiceover highlighting that, with the Xfinity My Account app, you can now schedule a callback or reschedule an appointment even on nights and weekends, and adding the tagline “Today’s Xfinity service – Simple, Easy, Awesome”.

The Xfinity My Account app from Comcast allows Xfinity users to manage their Xfinity account anywhere, anytime by enabling them to access and personalize their WiFi name and password, troubleshoot or refresh their equipment, check for service outages, view and pay their bill, view their channel lineup and more.


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