Wonderful Pistachios Commercial - Sheldon the Turtle

Wonderful Pistachios has released a new campaign, introducing a new character: Sheldon, a turtle who gets upset because of the brand’s new tagline, “Who needs shells?”

The spot features Sheldon on a desk in a conference room, where two banners read “Ditch the Shells” and “Who Needs Shells?” behind two Wonderful Pistachios representatives, who are explaining the new slogan.

“Sheldon, it’s good to see you! I can see you’re upset, but when we said ‘Ditch the shells’ we were talking about pistachios, not you,” one of the two men say. “These pistachios?” Sheldon asks referring to a bunch of pistachios in a bowl, which he throws at the man who had just finished talking. “Oh, no, now you look upset. You ok, John?” Sheldon asks him ironically.

The commercial ends with the tagline “Almost everyone loves no shells” flashing across the screen.

The Wonderful Pistachios No Shells has been promoted in the past in a series of ads created by the brand’s in-house creative team, Wonderful Agency, dubbed “Sometimes, Naked Is Better”. One of them featured the ancient Greek statue Venus de Milo coming to life and doing various things, such as going at the mall and in a grocery store. She says that Wonderful Pistachios No Shells are “protein-powered, delicious, and great on-the-go”.

According to the brand, Wonderful Pistachios No Shells, available in Roasted & Salted and Lightly Salted, are roasted to perfection with just a touch of salt,” and are “ideal for cooking and baking, and still wonderful for snacking and entertaining”.

Wonderful Pistachios No Shells, now featuring cart-stopping bright green packaging, will also be available in a new grab-and-go 0.75 oz, besides the existing 2.5 oz., 6 oz., 12 oz., and 24 oz. sizes in-stores nationwide.

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