Weflip Psychiatrist Chameleon Advert

Weflip’s talking chameleon is back to the small screen. The energy auto-switching service launched by GoCompare in 2018, which aims to take the hassle out of regularly comparing and changing your energy supplier, promotes its services in a second TV spot.

This time, the chameleon voiced by Australian voiceover artist Jake Downs, is a psychiatrist who has the right treatment for a stressed patient. “I want to change. I’m trying to change,” the man laid back on the couch says. Asked “what’s flippin’ stopping” him, he answers he never seems to get around to it. “And yet you know that over half of all people are paying around 350 pounds too much for their flippin’ energy bills,” the “psychiatrist” says. When the patient asks what he can do about this, the psychiatrist chameleon replies that the treatment is simple: “let weflip do it for you. They’ll make sure you’re automatically switched to a lower flippin’ tariff”. “How, that’s a weight off my flippin’ mind,” answers the man with a smile on his face.

The spot ends with the chameleon adding the brand’s tagline, “weflip – so you don’t have to do a flippin’ thing”.

The brand’s first advert featured a woman (played by actress Naomi Sheldon) shocked by the cost of her energy bill as she’s advised by the talking chameleon to use Weflip. “You need someone who’s good at changing the door for you.

Someone who’s flipping fast, someone who’s flipping smart. You need Weflip,” the chameleon tells the lady, adding that “they’ll make flippin’ sure you’re automatically switched to a lower tariff”.

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