Washington's Lottery Commercial - Vending Machine

Washington’s Lottery invites people to follow the exciting journey of a curious Washington’s Lottery vending machine as it seeks out all the good that comes when people play.

The ad, from agency Cole & Weber, features the animated Lottery Vending Machine as it explores different places across a city and meets the people Washington’s lottery benefits. It takes a photo with a family whose daughter paid her college tuition with the money won and is now a graduate, it greets a group of football players near a stadium and a small business owner who has just sold a Washington’s Lottery ticket to a customer.

“Every time you play, it helps fund education, stadium development and businesses across the state,” the voiceover says at the end of the commercial.

The pint-sized vending machine was brought to life by The New Blank, which was the production company. Bobby Hougham was the director.

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