Walmart Food Fans Commercial

Walmart highlights, in its latest commercial, that whether you’re a sports fan or a food fan, you can get everything you need for gameday at Walmart.

The spot, titled “Food Fan,” features a man at a gathering on a gameday, filling his plate with a variety of foods, such as pecan smoked chicken wings (now at $9.98/2.75 lb bag), burger (grilled on a Blackstone 22″ Griddle, priced at $147), Sabra hummus (at $3.14/10 oz.), roasted corn, and more. After taking a seat on an Ozark trail mesh chair (price at $8.44), he is joined by a friend who grabs the corn from his plate, proving she is also a food fan and not a sports fan as she says she has no idea what’s the score when the guy asks her about it.

The commercial ends with the onscreen lines “Low prices for sports fans. And food fans.” as well as with the retailer’s tagline, “Save money. Live better”.

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