Walgreens Commercial Actors

Walgreens advertises, in a new spot, its mobile app and other available services designed to help its customers.

“At Walgreens, we know how strong you are. But we also know how tough it is to keep up with your medication. That’s why we’re introducing a new and easy way to refill, pre-pay and skip the line. Or have your prescription delivered so you never miss a day,” the voiceover says on the 30-second spot, which features several people using the services offered by Walgreens.

A man named Justin, who suffers from a heart disease, gets a notification on his smartwatch, reminding him that it’s time to take his afternoon medication, thanks to the pill reminder feature available within the Walgreens app, a woman named Rachel, suffering from anxiety, uses the Walgreens Express app to select the in-store express pickup service, so that she could skip the line when picking up her prescription, since she has a busy schedule, and Kate, a grandmother suffering from arthritis, has her prescription delivered to her home, so that she could spend time with her grand-kids.

The commercial ends with the voiceover saying the tagline “Walgreens – Trusted since 1901”.

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