Volvo Selfie for Safety Commercial - Blonde Girl

After having created The E.V.A. Initiative to make all cars equally safe, Volvo Cars now promotes, in a new commercial, its #SelfieForSafety initiative, which aims to create the largest crowdsourced study for car safety.

The spot, featuring a diverse cast taking selfies, informs that “now, your selfie can help save lives” and encourages viewers to join the automaker in their research to make all cars safer as the way they people sit in a car is of great use for this study. The ad then goes on by explaining how those willing to contribute can do it.

Thus, all you need to do is to take a selfie with your safety belt on in a safely parked car, tag #SelfieForSafety and @volvocars in your caption and upload it to your Instagram feed.

The brand also mentions that you should have a public profile for the appointed team to see your picture. The car you take the selfie in is not important – it could be your car, a friend’s, or even a taxi. The important thing is to contribute, if you want, until September 22, 2019.

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