Volkswagen New Zealand Commercial

Volkswagen New Zealand aims to highlight that Volkswagen is truly more than just a car in its latest campaign, titled “Youngest Brother”.

The commercial, created by DDB New Zealand, tells the story of two siblings who share the same things – aka the youngest one gets what the older brother used – from stuffed toys to books, to baseball gloves and more. However, these hand-me-downs, which compelled the youngest family member to settle for second best, prove to also have a silver lining as the protagonist receives his brother’s Volkswagen when the latter leaves home to go to college.

“Some things are just worth it,” an onscreen line reads at the end of the commercial, which also encourages viewers to search for the text “more than a car”.

The automaker informs that, when you buy any Volkswagen from an authorized Volkswagen dealership, you’ll get a 5 year warranty for free. It also offers flexible finance for both private and business customers, a comprehensive range of finance products to help you fund your new or used car, and a service cost calculator that can show you the up-front maximum retail service price on any Volkswagen, up to 10 years old.