Volkswagen Mother's Day Commercial - Koala

Especially on Mother’s Day people think of the strong bond kids and moms have. On this special day, Volkswagen shows, in a heartwarming ad, that love is everywhere – in the Arctic, in the woods, and in a Volkswagen.

The 20-second spot, dubbed “Driving Safety,” features a polar bear and her two cubs, a koala bear carrying her cub, and a deer and her fawn. Finally, a mother is seen driving a Volkswagen and watching her toddler sleeping in his baby car seat.

“There’s no one like a caring mother. Have a safe drive” onscreen lines read throughout the commercial.

Last year, the German automaker has also wished moms a “Happy Mother’s Day” through an ad that illustrated “the peace of having the best driver in the world” by featuring a toddler who sleeps in her baby car seat when her mom is at the wheel.

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