TWIX Meltdown Commercial

Twix advertises, in a new commercial, the new limited-edition TWIX Meltdown, introducing it as “the greatest thing to happen to coffee since the coffee bean”.

“Every generation is defined by their greatest innovation – the cotton gin, the automobile, the modern computer. And today we witnessed one further step in the progress of the human race,” says the voiceover at the beginning of the 40-second spot, which includes footage of the aforementioned inventions. The voiceover then introduces Twix Meltdown, which turns “any coffee into a Twix coffee”. On screen, a man is shown using the unique device by immersing a TWIX Meltdown into his cup of coffee, pulling out just the biscuit and getting, eventually, a chocolatey, caramelly TWIX coffee that’s “pretty cool”.

The TWIX Meltdown product was created by BBDO New York, the agency which also developed the spot. There is a gold Meltdown for the Left Twix and a red one for the Right Twix. The game-changing innovation, that works with any cup of coffee, will be available for a limited time only.

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