TurboTax Canada Commercial - Bearded Dad

A dad day dreams about the TurboTax specialist putting his baby to sleep in the latest TurboTax commercial running in Canada.

The 15-second ad features the man sitting at the kitchen table with cereals in his beard from his toddler, who’s near him, talking to a TurboTax expert about his tax return. The latter tells him she will do a full review herself to make sure he gets the best possible return and asks him if there is anything else she can help him with. At this point, he starts to imagine how it would be like if she played the harp for his baby to fall asleep faster.

The commercial ends with the voiceover saying the company’s tagline, “TurboTax – Here to Help”.

TurboTax offers a Free Package, for simple tax returns, a Standard package, for families, students and individual returns, with $19.99 per return, a Premier package, for investment and rental properties, with $39.99 per return, and Self-Employed package, for filing personal and self-employed taxes, at $59.99 per return. The last three packages also include the possibility to connect with a TurboTax specialist on-demand in real time with SmartLook, expert guidance on tuition, RRSP income, contributions and family benefits, and more.

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