Travel Republic Advert - Blonde Girl in Red Swimsuit - Anna Johnson

Travel Republic highlights, in one of its latest TV adverts, that, whether you want fun in a pool full of scary sea monsters, somewhere to make new best friends, a romantic break with lots of singing and dancing, or dramatic sunsets with skies made from fluffy pink candy floss, with Travel Republic you will find the perfect place for you.

“How do you make a holiday Travel Republic perfect?” a female voiceover asks at the beginning of the 30-second spot, which goes on with a child voiceover giving her answer: “with a pool full of scary sea monsters, where people turn into peacocks, somewhere where I can make new bestest friends and the sky is made from fluffy pink candy floss, “However you imagine your holiday, create it with Travel Republic. Choose your holiday at a surprisingly low price,” the voiceover urges viewers at the end of the advert, adding the company’s tagline, “Travel Republic, Yours for the Making”.

Filmed in Majorca, in Playa de Palma, the spot features Anna Johnson (the blonde woman in red swimsuit), who used to be a presenter for the Health Lottery, along with Sian Welby.

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