Teleflora Elf Commercial

The most wonderful time of the year can be a lot of work, especially for moms. But when it comes to making Christmas bloom a little brighter, you don’t need Santa’s little helpers – Teleflora has you covered. This is the idea behind the latest Teleflora ad.

The spot features a mother in the kitchen who sees the elf on the table coming to life and talking to her.

“Holidays stressing you out, Karen?” the elf asks her. She admits that holidays are indeed stressing her out with all the shopping and the cooking.The elf is stressing her out even more by reminding her about her son’s paralyzing fear of Santa, but he then points out there is one thing she doesn’t need to worry about anymore – the flowers – because her mother-in-law took care of it thanks to Teleflora. The woman then hears the elf saying that, if she had one more thing to do, she might go crazy, which makes her think if she’s already gone crazy, given the fact that the sees the tiny miniature object talking and moving around.

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