TD Business Banking Florist Commercial

TD Commercial Banking has released a new ad, highlighting that with TD you can “Keep your Business Moving”.

The spot features a florist who is about to pay for a large shipment of roses and realizes they are more expensive than she thought. In a matter of seconds, she imagines what would happen if she didn’t pay for those flowers and deliver them to the wedding. The scenario includes an angry bride, bad reviews on the local wedding blog, her being forced to close her business and take a job as an accountant. But then she remembers that TD offers 24/7 support, so she calls Steve, her Small Business Specialist, who gives her some options that help her solve her issue. She is thus able to pay the flower guy, who’s also named Steve, deliver the roses and make the bride so happy she gives the florist an amazing review, which leads to her becoming the most sought after florist in town.

“With 24/7 TD Business Banking, you can keep your business moving,” the voiceover says at the end of the commercial.

TD says it gives its customers access to the products, services and support they need to manage their business banking needs and achieve their business goals.

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