Target Back to School Kids Commercial

Target has launched its Back to School campaign with a series of new ads, aimed at highlighting that, at Target, you’ll find everything you need for starting the new school year.

One of the spots, set in a colorful school bus, features a group of kids on their way to school. The 30-second video shows that the retailer has supplies for every school list and for every type of schooler – for journalists, for conversationalists, for individualists and stylists.

Serving as soundtrack is a catchy dance tune, whose lyrics include “I feel golden, I feel like glitter on my shoulders,” “And I’m feeling brand new,” aimed at inspiring viewers to purchase new items for their kids.

Target has several back-to-school deals, that include school uniforms from $4, low prices for pens, pencils, markers, notebooks, filler paper, binders, folders, water bottles, lunch bags, backpacks, and more. In addition, the retailer announces its first full lifestyle brand, “More Than Magic,” arriving July 13th, only at Target.

Designed specifically for tween girls, the assortments includes more than 500 items spanning multiple categories, such as sportswear, dancewear, gymnastics clothing, jewelry, accessories, beauty, electronics and stationery.

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