Taco Bell Nacho Fries Commercial - James Marsden

Taco Bell has released a new commercial announcing the return of the Nacho Fries.

Created like a movie trailer, just like other ads in the past, the 60-second spot, titled “Nacho Fries: Retrieval,” features James Marsden as Dr. Danny Conrad, a retired astronaut who has resigned himself to a normal life until one day, when he’s offered a chance to bring back Taco Bell’s Nacho Fries, which vanish. Teaming up with a specialized team, he embarks on a journey in outer space to find the fries seasoned in Mexican spices and “trapped somewhere out there,” determined to bring them home.

“When Nacho Fries disappear, one man must bring them back,” conveys the promo, which also sees Marsden watching a video of him and his daughter from July 2018, eating together Nacho Fries on a sunny day, ends with the line “Nacho Fries are back for a limited time” flashing across the screen.

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