Subway Pizza Sub Sorry Italy Advert

Subway UK has launched a new ad campaign, titled “Sorry Italy,” to promote its Pizza Sub.

Created by Above+Beyond in documentary style, the TV spot takes viewers on a trip to Naples (Italy), the home of pizza, and shows the reactions of several locals who are faced with Subway’s new Pizza sandwich. Thus, we get to see that some of them are furious and are almost ready to kick the “deliveryperson” out, some are bemused, and others are in total disbelief.

The Italian inspired sandwich, added to the Subway regular menu briefly during the month of May, 2012, is made with Spicy Pepperoni, Tomato Sauce, Cheese and Veggies of your choice.

The new Pizza Subs will be available for a limited-time only, until 12.11.2019.

“Our guests are going to love the Pizza Sub. Our innovation cycle speaks to our guests’ taste-buds, and with our 21 new and improved ingredients, and new products like these Pizza Subs, we’re offering our guests exactly what they want.” Colin Hughes, Country Director, Subway UK & Ireland said in a press statement.

“Sorry Italy” campaign, which follows the sandwich chain’s “Make it What You Want” campaign, runs across TV, digital, OOH, PR and social, as well as in Subway’s restaurants.

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